Collaborate with Cascadia Command OStG

Cascadia Command focuses efforts in the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the United States. As just one of the Commands of the Order of St George, Grand Priory of Canada and the Americas, which has Commands across Canada, however, we contribute to and collaborate on national and regional projects when appropriate and feasible.

Cascadia Command also works in partnership with like minded not-for-profits. Current partners in fund raising and project development include:

The Royal Canadian Legion: BC/Yukon Command

Their mission is to serve Veterans, including serving military and RCMP members and their families, to promote Remembrance, and to serve our communities and our country.

The Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Organization 3rdCAV

“Strength and Honour”

Gathering as local units which are named after Canadian Battle Honours, the C.A.V. brotherhood ride as Canadian Veteran Motorcyclists, and Veteran Supporters gaining strength and fellowship.  Their mission is to provide members with a unit to continue service to each other and their communities and country.

The C.A.V. is not a Gang or a Club.  They are an  organization of Canadian Armed Forces Veterans and Veteran Supporters, mounted on motorcycles. 

Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association

The Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association believes that our heritage, history and tourism are natural partners in growing better communities. Our relationship with our communities, motorcycle & veterans motorcycle organizations and the tourism industry allow us to promote heritage and historical education that encourages motorcycle and military history tourism development.  We also impact the quality of the customer service that tourists of any kind receive through our workshops that are offered on-line and in person.

We promote motorcycle tourism in Canada, the preservation/promotion of our rich military history & great customer service.