Membership to the Order of St George is by invitation only.
The requirements;
  • Once you have accepted an invitation to the Order of St George you will be sent a fill-able PDF form.
  • Fill out the form with all your details.
  • Write a brief (up to 250 word) description/ bio that can then be copied and pasted to the appropriate section on the PDF form. It will also be used for the postulant’s section in the Order of Service.
  • Attach a passport size photo of you (jacket and tie preferred).
  • Scan your completed documentation and return it to your sponsor by email with an attached 1-2-page summary of your volunteer history.
  • Your sponsor will review your documents before sending them to the Commander for approval.
  • If approved, the Commander will contact you for an interview by phone or to set up a face to face meet.
  • Once the Commander is satisfied and signs off on the application, the package is returned to your sponsor and forwarded back to National for review by the membership committee.
  • Once the membership committee approves, your documents are sent to the Grand Master.
  • Once the Grand Master gives his approval, you will be emailed a confirmation of acceptance as well as your invite to the next appropriate Investiture.
  • Payment for the right-of-passage into the Order of St George is $750 and the Investiture banquet is usually $140. These fees should be paid at your earliest convenience. This can be done on the national web site. Postulants are also responsible for their travel and accommodations at the investiture.