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Just Say Yes to a Canadian Platinum Jubilee Medal

Queen Elizabeth II has been Queen for nearly 70 years. On the 6th of February 2022 she will reach the milestone of her Platinum Jubilee.


The Platinum Jubilee is an event we have never seen before and will unlikely ever see again. The Monarchist League of Canada is currently reaching out to Canadians to convince our government to create a Platinum Jubilee, Royal Commemorative Medal, to be awarded to worthy citizens as a part of the many commemorative events that will be held across Canada throughout the year until the anniversary of the Coronation, June 2, 2023.

 The tradition of the Royal Jubilee dates back to the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887, and since that time Canadians have received Jubilee medals. Starting with the Silver Jubilee Medals of 1977 Canada has designed and awarded its own medals.

In reviewing the remarkable Reign of Queen Elizabeth II we can also look back at the past 70 years of Canada – of cross-Canada Train Travel, of The Avro Arrow, of Expo 67, and the Canada arm. We salute Christopher Plumber, Gord Downie, Anne Murray, Brian Adams, Michael J. Fox, William Shatner and Michael Bublé.  We recall Expo 86, the 1982 Constitution, The Toronto Blue Jays winning the World Series, The Raptors winning the NBA Championship–in short we salute ourselves and honour our achievements as a people and as a nation.

 The Jubilee program allows Canadians of more recent arrival, as well as those of longer association with this nation to be recognized for their work in civil society, volunteerism, community work, charities, the forces, police, and other areas which make our country stronger, which make our country better, which make our country truly world class!  These are often people who don’t get much recognition for what they do for their neighbours, community and society – everyone needs and deserves that little thank you and that little pat on the back sometimes. This program allows the community to do just that for those who do so much for them.

Help us add the Platinum Jubilee Medal to the Canadian Jubilee program.

 Write to your Member of Parliament or sign the petition at: