Announcements and Press Releases

Dear Members and Postulants of St. George, Cascadia Command,

Greetings and Blessings upon you all from Cascadia Command of the Order of St George.

As noted in an earlier email, in the face of growing concerns about the COVID 19 virus, it was suggested by Executive Board of St George that we delay the investiture ceremony scheduled for 24 April.  Our leaders of the Order of St. George want me to relay to you the truthful fact of their agonizingly hard decision, in conjunction with your Commander, as this was the first time any Investiture in its history was to be cancelled due to such a life altering event as this outbreak.  I was in the loop from the beginning of these discussions and notified of this wish, which I agreed to in principle last Friday and after I composed an email for your desire to hold the Investiture as planned or later, depending on actual severity – it was during the answer period of this weekend, it became an obvious imperative.  The official stance from the beginning was to postpone the event, not cancel as some of you may have erroneously heard from other members.  In the interest of public safety Cascadia Command agrees completely with the Order of St George and Federal government recommendation to limit public gatherings. To this end we are currently going to focus on the 12th of September 2020 for your Investiture into the Order of St George and trust that you both understand and support our decision.  Of course, all the events and ceremony will take place in the same venues as we planned for April and we will confirm with you soon of this date and time.

Please remember that you have been nominated to the Order of St. George Cascadia Command because we believe you bring valuable skills, knowledge, and connections to our dynamic Cascadia team, attributes that will help us make a serious and incremental difference here in the west for those who have served Canada. I ask now that you be patient with this recent and most unfortunate turn of events. We are, all of us, facing restrictions, limitations and economic and family hardships as part of national efforts to limit the spread of COVID 19 in Canada. As an organization dedicated to chivalric service we are determined to calmly do our part in the face of this growing pandemic, helping others as we should.

Cascadia Command of the Order of St George is already in the planning stages for next year’s Unsung Heroes Gala as well, and we plan to premiere our plans for 2021 at the dinner following your investiture. We look forward to sharing our plans with you and anticipate that this annual event will become the first steps in laying the groundwork for an annual Canadian Military Film Festival. We not only want you to be an integral part of all our plans and projects, we look forward to hearing your ideas and adding them to our team undertakings.

I understand that some of you have already booked flights and hotel rooms for the postponed investiture. Our Hotel bookings appear to have been released for later use.  If you hear otherwise, please let us know.  For airlines, even with non-refundable tickets, please look here:  Air Canada and WestJet’s Coronavirus Cancellation & Change Policy

have every confidence that we will soon be able to make you Dames and Knights in St. George and valued members of our growing Cascadia Command team.  Thank you for your understanding and your continued volunteerism to your fellow human beings.  It is at times like these that you can shine for Canadians and Americans everywhere as examples of what it means to be a Knight or Dame in the Order of St. George.

I am Sincerely Yours
Steven Mohns KCStG
Commander Cascadia Command